Bin 161 By Hardys Sauvignon Blanc, Australia 12.0% (2)                     

lean and refreshing with tropical fruit flavours and a crisp finish 

175ML 4.20    250ML 5.80    Bottle 15.95


Bin 161 By Hardys Chardonnay, Australia 13.0% (2)                             

Fruity with juicy characters of white peach, nectarine and subtle hints of vanilla

175ML 4.20    250ML 5.80    Bottle 15.95

Bin 161 By Hardys Merlot, Australia 13.0% (B)                                      

A soft medium-bodied wine with generous plum fruit flavours, subtle spice and a lingering finish                                                                

175ML 4.20     250ML 5.80     Bottle 15.95

LIEBFRAUMILCH, FRANZ REH Germany10%(4)                                                                     

Medium-sweet, with refreshing stone fruit flavour 

Bottle 15.95



 RED WINE                                                                                                          


BLACK LABEL MCGUIGAN(RED) S.E.AUSTALIA 12.5% (C)                              

Great fruit flavours of spicy plum, cherry and blackberry, it is a well-balanced wine with a smooth and mouth-filling finish   

175ML 4.60     250ML 6.30    Bottle 18.95              


MERLOT BLACK LABEL MCGUIGAN S.E.Austalia -12.5%  (B)                          

Soft, Smooth, open flavoured, easy-drinking red. 

Bottle 18.95 

 I HEART MALBEC, Mendoza Argentina 13.00%  (E)                                      

175ML 4.60        250ML6.30      BOTTLE18.95                         

 Dark, rich and smooth. Taste the mouth-watering, juicy black fruits

 and subtle spice


BIN 161 HARDY’S, CABERNET SAUVIGNON, Chile 13.0%(c)                                                         Super deep berry & plum cabernet, Great flavours leaping out of the glass.

Bottle  £17.45 


PINOTAGE, CAPE KYALA, Western Cape   South Africa 13.0% (C)                                                       With bold flavours of red berries and spiced plums with a dark chocolate finish.

Bottle £17.95  


BODEGAS BASILIO, TINTO – Crianza, Spain 13.5% (E)                                                                      Rich, plum and red berry fruit with a touch of spice on the nose.                                                   Balanced yet concentrated red fruit mingles with darker spice and chocolate characters   

Bottle £17.95





ECHO FALLS WHITE ZINFINDEL – California USA 10.5% (3)                         

A lively combination of strawberries and juicy watermelon with a touch of red cherry

175ML 4.40      250ML 6.00      Bottle 16.95







PINOT GRIGIO, SCENIC RIDGE, South Eastern Australia 12.0% (2)

Characters of delicate fresh juicy pear with citrus undertones

175ML 4.40   250ML 6.00   Bottle 16.95

CHARDONNAY, McGuigan BLACK LABEL,  S.E.Australia 12.5% (2)                  

Lemon-edged, golden, toasty, easy Chardonnay. 

Bottle 18.95


CHENIN BLANC, HUNTERSVILLE Western Cape South Africa 13.5% (3) 

Light and refreshing, made from South Africa’s most popular white grape variety                     Bottle 17.75


CHARDONNAY, ISLA NEGRA   Chile 12.5% (2)                                                                             Aromas of ripe apple, pear, pineapple and hints of vanilla, young and refreshing with a soft finish

Bottle 17.45

SAUVIGNON BLANC, SAN ANDRES, Central Valley, Chile 12.5% (1) 

Crisp refreshing with citrus fruit aromas and floral notes,  light lasting finish

Bottle 17.45 


CHARDONNAY, RUMOURS,  South East Australia 12.5%(2) 

Green apple & lemon aromas with peach & melon on the palate, and a creamy light finish         Bottle 17.45                                                                                                                                                                          

PETIT CHABLIS, DOMAINE LAROCHE,  France 12.5% (2)                                                

Pale lemon-green, full smooth aroma, full flavour – not `petit’ at all

Bottle 30.45



SPRITZERS Large 175ml


HOUSE                             PINOT/ROSE      


 4.70                                     4.90 







PROSECCO SPUMANTE - Italy 10.5% (1)                                                    

Fresh fizz with an intense aroma, a hint of wisteria blossom, fruity sensations & a final               touch of sweet almond on the palate     

20cc Bottle     6.50      Bottle  21.75                                    


Brut, but with sunny fruit flavours and a fresh appley edge 

Bottle 45.50                                                              


PAUL LANGIER BRUT CHAMPAGNE- France 12.5% (1)                                                                   Stylish dry wine, offering ripe fruit and a biscuity finish  

Bottle 32.95                





White and Rose wines are designated numbers 1 to 9 

with 1 being the driest and 9 being the sweetest 


Red wines are designated letters A to E with A being the lightest and softest 

and E being the deepest and fullest with a concentrated flavour 


Wine list